Red Tigers Eye, Lava Stone, Tibetan Onyx Men’s Bracelet 10mm

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Introducing our Red Tiger's Eye, Tibetan Onyx, and Lava Bead Bracelet - a bold and distinctive accessory designed specifically for men. This bracelet features a harmonious blend of genuine Red Tiger's Eye, Tibetan Onyx, and Lava Beads, each measuring a substantial 10mm in size.

The Red Tiger's Eye beads offer strength and confidence, while the Tibetan Onyx adds an air of mystery and grounding energy. The Lava Beads, known for their porous nature, make this bracelet an excellent choice for diffusing your favorite essential oils, allowing you to carry your preferred scent with you throughout the day.

At its heart, a majestic elephant charm takes center stage, featuring dazzling cubic zirconia eyes that add a touch of luxury and style. The elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, and good fortune, making it a powerful and meaningful addition to this accessory.

Whether you're seeking the grounding properties of these gemstones or drawn to the symbolism of the elephant, this bracelet is a statement piece that exudes confidence and charm. Elevate your style and embrace the energies it brings to your life.