White Moonstone Pumpkin Set


White Moonstone Bracelet and Matching Earrings Set, adorned with an 18kt gold pumpkin charm embellished with dazzling cubic zirconia. The luminous allure of white moonstone is elegantly combined with the whimsical charm of the pumpkin motif, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and enchantment.

Each bracelet is a testament to refined craftsmanship, showcasing the natural beauty of moonstone in a delicate arrangement that exudes elegance. The meticulously designed 18kt gold pumpkin charm adds a touch of whimsy and luxury, accentuated by the sparkling brilliance of cubic zirconia.

Complete the enchanting look with our matching earrings, mirroring the charm of the bracelet with a captivating elegance. Whether worn together or individually, this set is a celebration of timeless beauty and artistic craftsmanship, a perfect accompaniment for both formal occasions and everyday elegance. Experience the magic of moonstone and the allure of golden pumpkins with this exquisite jewellery ensemble.