Crystal Chipped Earrings S925


Crystal Chipped Earrings Collection, all meticulously crafted with S925 sterling silver. Each pair features a unique combination of natural gemstones, including Carnelian, Madagascar Rose Quartz, Lemon Jade, Tiger's Eye, and Green Aventurine, known for their powerful healing and balancing properties.

Embrace the vibrant reds of Carnelian, the soothing pinks of Madagascar Rose Quartz, the sunny yellows of Lemon Jade, the mesmerizing browns of Tiger's Eye, and the calming greens of Green Aventurine. These earrings are designed to infuse your life with positive energy and a touch of elegance.

As a special offer, each pair of earrings comes with a free matching chipped bracelet, allowing you to complement your look with a harmonious set of crystal jewelry. Elevate your style and experience the magic of crystals, embracing their unique energies that resonate with your inner self.

Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, our Crystal Chipped Earrings and matching bracelets are sure to inspire and uplift, providing both a fashionable accessory and a source of positive energy in your daily life. Experience the transformative power of crystals with our stunning collection today.