Unakite Hello Kitty (Mini)


Mini Unakite Hello Kitty carving, where the beloved charm of Hello Kitty meets the enchanting beauty of Unakite gemstone.

Hello Kitty mini carving is meticulously crafted, capturing the iconic Hello Kitty design with the captivating blend of peachy-pink feldspar and lush green epidote that defines Unakite. This unique combination of colours gives Unakite its distinctive appearance, radiating a sense of balance, harmony, and emotional healing.

Hello Kitty, known for spreading joy and positivity, finds a new dimension in the gentle energies of Unakite. These mini carvings are not only adorable but also serve as symbols of nurturing love and compassion.

Whether you're a Hello Kitty enthusiast, a crystal collector, or simply looking for a heartwarming gift, our mini Unakite Hello Kitty carvings are the perfect choice. Embrace the serenity of Unakite and the infectious happiness of Hello Kitty, as they join forces to bring a smile to your face and add a touch of magic to your life.

Explore our charming selection of mini Unakite Hello Kitty carvings and let the essence of Unakite and the endearing spirit of Hello Kitty brighten your day and uplift your spirits in the most delightful way possible.