Chakra Bag Charm


This stunning chakra bag charm is a beautiful addition to any bag or purse. The charm is handcrafted with a combination of high-quality gemstones that correspond with the seven chakras of the body.

The gemstones used in this bag charm include red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst, and clear quartz. Each gemstone has been carefully selected for its unique healing properties and ability to balance and align the chakras.

In addition to the gemstones, this bag charm also features a beautiful gold butterfly charm. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change, making it the perfect addition to this chakra charm. The charm serves as a reminder to embrace change and transformation as a necessary part of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

This bag charm is not only a beautiful accessory but also serves as a tool for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you care about who is looking to balance their chakras and improve their overall well-being. Add a touch of elegance and positive energy to your bag with this beautiful chakra bag charm.